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Tajae B.

First and foremost I am so grateful to have experienced such an amazing time and group of women. I have never felt so safe, listened to, protected and respected by a group of women as quickly and wholeheartedly as I was when I landed in Costa Rica. When I first found out about this retreat I felt called to book a ticket and I am glad I did so. My intention was to release the self doubt, procrastination, and self sabotaging behaviors that I felt like I couldn't escape from. I wanted to be surrounded in a place of love so that I could find and foster that in myself. I was not sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew that it was going to be transformational. On this trip I got to see myself in a whole new light. I reflected on what it means to fully love myself and how that may show up in life. I learned from all of the women what it meant to love and take up space to do so despite what may be going on. There was one activity in particular that made me cry and feel the energetic release I was looking for. I will always be grateful for Joa creating a safe space for me to express my trauma and a way to transform it into power. I always knew this, but was finally able to see the power of having a sister circle. Joa intitatied a circle whenever we needed it filled with kind words from the tribe. My circle in particular helped me release some attachments to an old version of me that was victimized and abused. Instead of letting me sit and sulk in the sadness, everyone shared words of encouragement and joy towards me that helped me reframe my sense of self into one that was more important, stronger, and capable than what I gave myself credit for. They saw something in me that I did not see in myself. Each day we burned what we wanted to release and made space for intestinal transformation. Through the EFT tapping, kinesiology, and other rituals we practiced during this trip, I found myself instilling the values for peace, expression, and transformation more and more here with the ability to take it home.

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Chamelly C

I am extremely happy to have joined the BGYT (OG) Retreat! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for everything that was provided and all that I’ve gained from this experience. Since the beginning I knew this was something that was very needed without exactly knowing what to expect. I needed this escape and the enlightenment that came with it. This was a very memorable trip, definitely one for the books. As a young woman I often find myself worrying about the future. Being surrounded by amazing brown Goddesses with so much wisdom helped me gain that reassurance that I do have time! And reminded me of how young I truly am and what a journey life actually is. This is something I have never done before and am willing to do again! I can’t thank you enough sister Goddess Jo for providing this well needed healing space for our community.

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Shauna G.

Jowa, you outdid yourself! Thank you for creating a community space which fosters healing, reconnecting to self, deepening your yoga practice, healthy living and friendship. Your attention to detail coupled with the amazing food (thank you for offering vegan options) and awakening to soft, live music was the perfect added touch.  This is definitely an experience I will talk about for years to come! 

Much love ❤!

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Dawn W.

I’m so glad I decided to attend the inaugural BGYT retreat! (OGs) 
As a newbie to the practice of yoga, this group of women couldn’t have been more supportive - definitely something I’ll continue to do. The facility was great, chefs were amazing and the hosts/guides a pleasure! A beautiful time all around. Thanks Jowa!!!

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Kisha M.

All I can say is amazing experience this  journey has change my life, I learned so much about myself and I was able to release the past that was so heavy on my heart. Thank you Brown Girl Yoga Tribe 
OG's for life 🙏🏽love u sisters

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Chanel C.

My experience at the BGYT retreat was absolutely amazing, refreshing, and healing. I’m grateful for the conversations, the lessons, the activities, and the sisterhood we created during our time together. I gain so much wisdom and support from this retreat. Thank you Jo, you build a space for generational healing and the universe will forever reward you for that. Love you sis, forever! 💜

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Illy C.

The BGYT has brought a sense of peace to my higher self. A healing journey that was very much needed for my growth. I’ve learned so much from some very strong brown girls, Lessons that I’ll take with me moving forward as I live my rebirth. Thank you for the experience and for holding space for us as brown girls. 

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Nature M.

Wow Jowa, this trip has been EVERYTHING. More than eye could have imagined. Your attention to detail is incredible. We got to explore and experience so many different places & things! The chefs, musicians, our driver, everyone had beautiful energy.  The food was phenomenal. More than anything, the experience of sisterhood, meeting women I’ve never met in person before, and feeling so much genuine love, support, and safety, has been overwhelming. Eye am filled with gratitude and so proud to experience this first Brown Girl Yoga Tribe retreat with you! OG’s forevaaaa 🙏🏽 Giving so much thanks & wishing all of the continued abundance, love, & success you deserve!


L'Oreal Chery

I connected with some beautiful people who are now my sisters. I enjoyed delicious food, spa treatments, volcano mineral baths, a black sand beach, and beautiful yoga classes. Left feeling grounded, and at peace. So grateful for this healing experience.

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Kissa Jocelyn

When I randomly signed up for a retreat I knew nothing about because someone mentioned it in a Facebook group, I had no idea what was in store. To end up with such beautiful women inside and out and collectively heal, grow, manifest, have the time of my life, AND make forever friends was much more than I could ever ask for. I had such a wonderful time and the beauty of it all was a much needed reminder of how protected and divinely guided I am. Thank you so much Jowa for being who you are and living in your purpose! It’s beautiful to watch and an honor to be a part of 💗

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