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The grace of the breath

The grace of the breath

Jowa Marshall

Conscious breathing gives us the beautiful moment to step out of the chaos of the mind and into the body. When we are choosing to consciously breathe we are able to step into the subtle body of awareness and in tune observe our thoughts from a distance.

When we are able to truly observe our thoughts we are able to detach from them, and thus see them for what they really are patterns, distractions, judgments, and reminders. From there we are able to fully decide in partnership with will power, to choose what path we would like to take, a conscious choice towards the path of my higher self or the path that the ego self has made.

Every time we decide to fuel and feed the ego self with our attention and actions , it gets stronger and more demanding, and physically it reinforces the neurons that brought forth that behavior in the first place.

Every time we decide to fuel and uplift the conscious self, we fall a little bit more into spirit, and thus allowing for it to fully settle in the body.

How to consciously breath :

Feel your feet connected to whatever surface they are on.

Elongate the body , pulling the crown of the head towards the heavens.

Feel the breath as it is coming into the nose, see how far you can follow it before it disappears into the body.

As you begin to exhale follow the breath it as it releasing out of the mouth or nose.

Breathe in inflating the belly.

Exhale out drawing the belly in.


The beautiful thing about this practice is that the more we practice conscious breathing the more it will show up for us in the moments we truly need it.

Breathing in I choose to relax my body,

Breathing out I choose to smile.

Warmly, Jo

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