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Spiritual Hygiene essentials by Anika Cazenave

When we think of hygiene, we usually think of cleansing our physical spaces and

maintaining good physical health. However, our spiritual hygiene is key to leading a

balanced life that brings us joy and meaning. There are many facets to maintaining

good spiritual hygiene including spiritual cleansing, maintaining communication with

our spirit team, spiritual protection and defense, and shadow work and healing.

Spiritual cleansing is probably the most discussed facet of spiritual hygiene. We

know that cleansing and purifying our space and our bodies helps us to rid ourselves of

adverse energies. Smoke cleansing techniques using resins like camphor and amber

help clear out undesirable energies and bring in energies that are advantageous to our

lives. Many people are familiar with smoke cleansing with botanical ingredients like

White Sage and Palo Santo, however, the popularity of these plants has caused them to

be endangered and decreasingly available to the indigenous populations who use them

for their religious ceremonies. To be culturally sensitive, I recommend the use of

juniper, lavender, European sage, cedar, rosemary, and a variety of resins including

benzoin, frankincense, myrrh, and styrax.

Spiritual Cleansing also involves the cleansing of the body. Taking regular

spiritual baths helps remove the spiritual “gunk” we accumulate through the course of

our daily interactions. A simple spiritual bath is sea salt in warm water. Salt is

cleansing and no worries if you do not have sea salt. Regular iodized salt like you have

in your kitchen will do in a pinch (pun intended). A more involved spiritual bath like a

white bath is definitely a good choice. For the white bath traditionally used in Latin

American Espiritismo, you need water, Holy Water (like from a church or your Boveda if

you have one), cascarilla, Florida water, Kolonia 1800 (the last three are available at

your local botanica or any number of online botanicas), white flower petals, coconut

water or milk or goat’s milk. These ingredients should be mixed in a basin and poured

over you from the neck down after your regular shower or bath. The water should be a

little bit chilly for optimal cleansing effects. You should air dry if possible. It is

refreshing in the summer and bracing in the winter. Yes, you can moisturize! Coconut