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Selfie by Jas

SelfIE by Jas

SELF-IE SELF IsinEvitible

Song: God Morning by Natalie Lauren “Today I will show up for myself”

You’ve got to take care of YOU because no one else will. I didn’t understand this in my 20s.  I remember thinking “I can’t put me first, because if I do that then I am selfish and if I am selfish then no one will want to deal with me.”  I can’t even remember where this thought came from, but I am pretty sure it stemmed from childhood.  I’ve been told that I have ALWAYS been the girl who wanted to please everybody.  I never wanted to be disliked. I never wanted anyone to be upset with me. ALWAYS going overboard to please the next person. I did this so much that it drained me… so much so that I was depleted ANDDDDD it doesn’t hurt that I am an empath.   Now that I am 33, I have learned that it is  inevitable that I take care of me. Self is Inevitable. What does that look like? What does self-care look like? Self care is the care of self. Showing up for yourself. Not neglecting you. Not neglecting your thoughts, fears , truth, etc. Self Care Regimens that I LOVE

  1. CRY IT OUT!!! Stressed? Happy? Sad? Angry? Sometimes self care is a long, good ugly, soul cleansing cry. (What you mean Jas?)  Crying releases so much. It literally feels like the weight of the world being lifted from you.  Its also a mini detox. You are releasing bad toxins and bad energy.  Own that moment, be in it, OWN whatever emotion you are feeling at the time and release it. 

  • DANCE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite shows is Greys Anatomy (Mark Sloan is my BESTIE) Meredith had a thing where when life got overwhelming, her and her best friend Christina would dance it out! Put on your favorite song and dance it out.  Twerk it Out! (Listen I am a HUGE twerking advocate mmkay!!) Just get moving! This too is a release and you’ll burn calories while doing it.