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Self care for empaths 101 by Akilah Yates

Self care for empaths 101

"the empathetic struggle"

by Akilah Yates

Everyone claims that they are an empath but cannot tell you a time that actually experienced a transfer of energy. The kind of transference that has you feeling so depressed that it takes you days to feel like yourself and you're just crying. You want to isolate yourself but you can't because you're so concerned about other's wellbeing and can't leave them hanging. You feel bad for telling people no because you're so adamant about showing love & support. You neglect your self care and may become even more depressed thinking about the fact that others do not reciprocate the same energy.

It's draining, isn't it? Let's talk about the importance of self care. Self care is about making sure your physical, mental & emotional needs are in check. At times, we neglect these things and wonder what's wrong with me. Self care helps us feel more motivated, accomplished and at peace. Lack of self care can enable mental health illness (ie depression and anxiety), physical ailments (ie migraines and back pain) and emotional turbulence (ie irritability and lashing out at others).

Think about the things that give you joy and bring you peace. These are the things that your self care should focus on. If you enjoy spending time with your family, carve out an hour or so out of the week where you have uninterrupted family time. This could range from playing board games, spending time outdoors together or some other activity that is enjoyable together. If you need time for yourself try a relaxing Epsom salt bubble bath with essential oils (lavender, rose, orange & etc). Maybe you are really creative so arts and crafts are your things. Poetry or creating something meaningful can boost your mood. It's okay to say no to an event and set up boundaries with people.

Remember self care isn't a privilege isn't a biological need. 

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