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Sacred work space by Jowana Marshall

How do you feel about your workspace? Does it bring your joy? Are you excited to start working or studying? I have the blessing to be able to work from home but let's face it, work is work no matter if your desk is in the next room or a 20-minute drive away. But there are ways to make our work time a bit more intentional, relaxed, and dare I say it .... sacred. Here are some tips you can use to make your workspace sacred.

The Energy around your work is as important as your work. How do you feel when you are about to begin working? How is your mindset when you are on your way to work?

Creating an inviting space to work really impacts the work you do. One way you can shift your mindset is through Affirmations. Begin saying affirmations on your way to work and see how things shift for you.

Some of the ones I use are :

I'm free to work today

I get to go to work today

My work fulfills me

I am serving my purpose

Feeling into the space of gratitude almost immediately shifts my attitude.

You can create your own affirmations by addressing the unsettling thoughts you have about work and simply state the way you want to feel about it.

Mindfully walk to your desk or drive to your office. Make your feet heavy as you step in order to completely connect to the ground. Feel the air on your skin, paying attention to the temperature on the different body parts. See what you can hear around you. Dive into what you can smell. When we do these engaging activities we are able to come out of our heads and into our bodies. Thus taking away anxieties around work.

Set an intention before you begin to work. Allow for your intention to dictate exactly how you want your work day to go. Be sure to make it something that is under your control.

The things that we can control are :

The thoughts we choose to feed.