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Full Moon Feels by Ebone Cooper

Blessed be the first full moon of the year! This Icey moon visits us

in the winter season and is sometimes called the snow moon, but often

referred to as the Wolf Moon. Full moons act as a Cosmic spotlight of

the energy around us and the intentions we set at the beginning of the

lunar phase (new moon). This energy can create heightened emotional

and intuitive states. Overall the moon impacts our inner world,

bringing interpersonal state to the surface.

This particular full moon is in the sign of cancer, which dives deep into our emotions and relationships. As the sign of cancer is notorious for nostalgia and prone to reminiscing. This Mercury retrograde moon, holds the power of expression and also shines light on how we react/respond to our triggers in our interpersonal relationships.

All of this falls under Capricorn season. Capricorn season often bring a sense of structure, discipline and can feel like a TO DO list, especially as we have just

begun a new calendar year. This energy can cause a lot of internal friction. If you find yourself struggling know you are not alone. This is a great time to prioritize our emotional"to do

list" becoming an optimal time to find creative solutions when times are tough. Learning to lean into your given abilities to explore and expand your soul tribe. A soul tribe is an elevated chosen family of people who align with your ideals, goals, and overall divine destination.

Embracing this privilege during the chill of the moon in the sign of cancer will enhance how you nurture and protect yourself. This is a great time to release people, places, environments, beliefs, patterns or habits that are not reflective of where you would like to be/how you see yourself in the future. The support of Capricorn it is a great time to reflect on how our emotional needs are being met, express ourselves and how we incorporate + elevate our self-care.

In one of my favorite reference guides, Tarot by the moon by Victoria Constanio, I explore "Freeing what is trapped" . This spread can be used with traditional decks OR affirmation decks. intentional card reading is a great way to gain insight and clarity. Grab your favorite deck and journal and follow the questions and layout below.


1. What am I holding on to that isn't working for me?

2. What needs to be cleared out of my life right now?

3. HOW can I release what isn't working?

4. How can I completely clear out the energies that need to leave my life now?

5. How can I best move forward after clearing and releasing the energies?

6. What needs healing in light of this release?

7. What can I learn from this situation?

8. A message from my guides.

Begin by meditating on your current energy, ask your guides for guidance before you begin to pull. I recommend asking each question as you pull each card and place it into the corresponding placement allowing the cards to sit until the layout is complete. Once you have ALL the cards down and the spread is complete, re-read the questions and examine the matching card and journal whatever surfaces. This takes a little time but I find this way the cards begin to answer in a way that feels like a universal conversation. Each card paring itself to the one before and after it.

No matter what person, place, or thought pattern you wish to cut ties with. This spread allows you to gain clarity and release so you are able to prosper in the lunar phase ahead. Hold space for your emotions and honor them with compassion. May whatever is revealed be received as love and guidance.


With love,


Eboné D Cooper

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