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How have i benefited from yoga ?

"Yoga has truly allowed for me to accept all the parts of myself, it has allowed me to breathe through the judgments I have for myself and hold space for the parts of me that still needs to grow" - Jowa

"Yoga has helped me to be more relaxed and start my day off in a more positive way" -Akilah

"Yoga has inspired me to be more mindful of what I take in and put out. It helps me be aware of what´'s going on with me and others" - Anika

"Yoga has inspired me to seek stillness. Yoga helps me to carry that stillness within me everywhere" - Jessica C.

"Since I was 20, yoga has helped me in slowing down, staying present and encouraging movement in my life. Now 10 years later, with the help of The Brown Girl Yoga Tribe , I am able to elevate this knowledge of self while continuing to heal my community" - Krystal

"Yoga has awakened my mind and body. I am able to unite my mind and body so I can walk into my true being. There´s no greater feeling than the balance yoga creates" - Sandy

"Yoga has reinforced my journey towards coming back to the real me" - Ashley H.

"Yoga has helped me progressively heal from back pain over the past 4 years. I´d gone to all kinds of doctors without a solution in sight. So on top of the ´peace I got from resigning from my job at the time, Yoga helped me slowly find healing" - Marion

"Yoga has taught me to be more patient and focus on my well-being. I find myself being more mindful and intentional in all that I do" - Samantha

"Yoga is nothing short of a healing practice for me. Before the 30- day yoga daily challenge with Jowa and The Brown Girl Yoga Tribe, I wasn't consistent in my practice and I was short changing myself. Now, I've built a habit of practice that has awakened a fierce spirit inside of me. I cant wait to discover more" - Sydney

"Yoga has taught me to slow down,listen to what I need,and not be so fixated on what anyone else has going on.It has helped me extend more grace to myself which allows me to extend more grace to others" - Dawn

"Yoga has allowed me to hold space to love on myself and not look at myself or others as broken. Instead I view myself and others as continuous works of art that is constantly changing" - Mar

"Oh its definitely improved everything in my life. First and foremost being intentional about getting up early and moving my body! Those days were my better days. Tapping into my inner self. Practicing what I preach all day and everyday in therapy " - Kalo