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About Us

The Brown Girl Yoga Tribe is a love-connected family whose main goal is it heal, ascend, and maintain a high vibration, through yoga, meditation, and other self-healing modalities. We are here to share, grow, and connect with other brown people who simply want to make the world a better place starting from the inside out.

The tier of monetary exchanges is placed so that everyone can have access to the tribe and its daily offerings. The money goes into the yoga teachers that guide us, the wellness advocates that teach us, and the maintenance of the platform.

Our sanctuary exists in both virtual and spiritual spaces. You can join our virtual community anytime, or join us in the rainforest of Costa Rica for a safe, intimate, and sacred environment for brown womxn. We invite you to retreat from the world and connect with brown sisters from around the globe.

View gallery pictures of our Sanctuary in Costa Rica below and click the links to join us!  

Sekf love space

The Self-love Space

blue 2.jpg
boho room.jpg

Hippie Zen

Aquatic Zen

foral .jpg
IMG_1246 (1).jpg

Floral Zen

plant w net.jpg

Plant Zen

new rooms.jpg

Plant Zen

IMG_9719 (7).JPG

Boho Zen


Yoga Studio

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